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Virtue CrownSF-R Speed Feed

The Virtue Spire CrownSF-R is the budget-friendly speed feed with many of the same design features found in the more expensive CrownSF. The CrownSF-R features the same locking speed feed ring that fits securely in place on the CTRL, Spire IR, IR², Spire III and Spire IV, with the main difference being the design of the fingers.

The main difference with the CrownSF-R is each finger is co-molded from two materials and functions without springs. The soft elastomer hinge base allows the SF-R to reload with ease, while a more rigid exoskeleton layer locks each finger into place and minimizes paint from spilling back out of the loader.

The five toolless removable fingers allow for easy cleaning and replacement if necessary. A spare finger is included.


  • Locking Lid - The CrownSF-R locks into place on the shell securely, keeping your lid locked on aggressive dives.
  • Co-molded Dual Materials - Flexible plastic finger exoskeleton with ultrasoft elastic co-molded to it, minimize flexing outward and increase durability.
  • Rubber Hinge - Springless design with recessed rubber hinges that feed fast and flex back into place.
  • Toolless Removable Finger - Each SF-R finger is locked in place by an individual simple removal tab. Spare finger included with each CrownSF-R.
  • Toolless Quick Change - Swap your lid out for the CrownSF-R speed feed in seconds. Compatible with all CTRL loaders, Spire IR, Spire IR², Spire III and Spire IV loaders.


  • Spire III
  • Spire IV
  • Spire IR
  • Spire IR2
  • Bunker Kings CTRL

Will not fit spire 200/260.