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Introducing the PAINTBALL RADARchron Rate-of-Fire, Model PBRROF365, that measures the characteristics of a burst of paintballs or the speed of a single shot. Burst characteristics include average paintball speed in feet per second (fps) and average rate-of-fire balls per second (bps); maximum and minimum fps; maximum and minimum bps; and the number of shots in the burst. The selection of burst characteristics displayed is easily accomplished by pressing a single button on the front of the PBR-ROF. A large 3-digit LCD displays the selected data. The microwave Doppler radar and microprocessor-controlled data processing electronics are housed in an attractive plastic package that accommodates three AA batteries (not included). The package measures 3 3/4" wide; 5 1/2" long; and 1 5/16" thick, weighing 11 ounces. The PBR-ROF has a wire bale that supports the unit on a flat surface (table, bench, counter, etc.) and also has a threaded fitting for mounting onto a tripod. Shots can be measured from a marker barrel positioned about an inch directly over the PBR-ROF, or about an inch on either side of the unit.

Paintball speed measurements range from 150 fps to 450 fps; speed accuracy is nominally within 1%. The range of rate-of-fire measurements is 3 bps to over 30 bps, with up to 85 bps demonstrated electronically. ROF accuracy is nominally within one-tenth bps. The characteristics of a burst of over 500 balls can be measured.

  • Measure single shot ball speed
  • Measure rate-of-fire bursts
  • Ball Speed – maximum, minimum, and average
  • Rate-of-Fire – maximum, minimum, and average
  • Total Number of Balls shot in the burst
  • Use it in the field, at check-in, and at home during tune-up