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Smart Parts Transpod - Collapsible Pods - 6 Pack

The hottest paintball pod to hit the market, the new transpod is designed to save space in your gearbag. These pods collapse to 1/3 of the size of a standard pod leaving you plenty of space in your bag to carry all your other paintball gear. You can also interchange the 3 parts allowing you to customize the color of your pods or even fix a broken section to save you money from replacing pods. Simply put the best design on the market. Smart Parts Transpod


  • Set of 6 Pods
  • Made from Impact-Resistant Polymer
  • Tri Level Sleeve design featuring quick-release tabs for fast and effecient storage.
  • Collapses to 1/3 the size of a standard pod
  • On the field its a standard size pod
  • Broken Parts can be interchanged with good parts from other pods.
  • Interchange parts to design custom colored pods
  • Length 10.75″
  • Length Collapsed 3.95″
  • Max Diameter 2.9″