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Smart Parts Freak Barrel Kit - Aluminum / All American / 14" - Ion / Impulse / Luxe - Dust Black 

The Freak Barrel system from GOG Paintball is the worlds most versatile paintball barrel. Since its inception The Freak has been recognized as the best paintball barrel on the planet, and has won countless tournaments, woods-ball games and scenario games. The Freak’s insert system allows you to choose the correct bore diameter for the paint you are shooting, and the high quality honing inside each insert assures accurate and consistent shots. The Freak System is designed to fit any size paintball. The Freak has been designed to suit the needs of the professional player in any situation; by changing the relevant barrel components. All parts of the Freak barrel system are interchangeable for all conditions. Different inserts for different size paints, different fronts giving different length and colors and Freak backs to suit your style of marker This complete system adjusts from .679" - .695" using the supplied barrel inserts.


  • All American Front features Spiral porting and is used to give an arched projection, increased accuracy and a consistent long range shot.
  • Freak Front Features four rows of straight line porting and four slotted ports at the muzzle, protecting the paintball while equalizing air pressure.
  • Straight line porting for very straight and accurate projection.


  • 8 Aluminum Inserts  .679" .682"  .684"  .687" .689"  .691"  .693"  .695" 
  • All American Tip - Dust Black
  • Ion / Impulse / Luxe Threaded Back - Dust Black
  • Soft Barrel Case