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GOG eNMEy V2 Paintball Marker - .68 Cal

The eNMEy is designed around performance, safety and value. The integrated regulator insures safe velocity control regardless of propellent source. The pneumatic spool valve design offers low maintenance and absolutely no metallic wear. High performance design and top grade materials means the GOG eNMEy delivers huge value and incredible performance.

  • .68 Caliber version
  • Improved Heavy Duty Solenoid - The new HD solenoid features a metal reinforced housing, increased heat resistance, inline tubing path, and metal screw threads.
  • True Pneumatic Design – No batteries, no hammer, no sear, no metal-on-metal wear points.
  • Regulated Low Pressure Operation – A vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation.
  • Running at 160 psi nominal, the eNMEy™ is gentle on paint and smooth, with little to no recoil.
  • CO2 Compatible – An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve component from pressure spikes
    associated with liquid CO2.
  • Spool Valve Design – This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy.
  • Simple Maintenance – The main valve and bolt of the eNMEy™ can be removed, cleaned, inspected and
    reassembled in seconds.
  • Low-Force Anti-Chop – The low force behind the bolt allows it to bounce back from mis-fed paintballs,
    reducing the chance of a break in the breech.
  • Composite/Aluminum Components – With a machined aluminum receiver under a protective polymer shell,
    the eNMEy™ is both lightweight and durable.