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Empire Redline OLED Drop In Kit - Axe 2.0 / Mini GS

Empire Paintball brings you the Redline Drop In kit for the Axe 2.0 and Mini GS. Proven on previous version of the Axe/Mini, the Redline offers a fully customizable board with OLED screen and joystick activation. Upgraded hardware and tons of new software features will rev your Axe 2.0 or Mini GS to a higher level with the Redline.

Product Details:

  • Fits Axe Pro and Mini GS markers
  • Includes OLED Board and Insert
  • Unique styling
  • Energy Efficient OLED Display
  • Joystick Interface with rubber seal
  • Utilizes Nano-Watt Technology
  • Up to 16 Million Operations per Second
  • Extremely Low, Power Management
  • Interrupt based Processes for Fastest Response
  • Rubber covering to protect internals from paint and moisture
Software Features

  • Three Custom Player Configurations
  • 8 Fire Modes - semi, Ramp, Burst, NXL Auto, PSP Burst, PSP Ramp, Millennium, NPPL Semi
  • Straight Forward Battery level indication
  • On screen trigger pull indication and break beam eye status
  • Game Timer, Max ROF, Average ROF and Resettable Shot Counter
  • Peak and Average Rates of Fire
  • Shot Counter
  • Eyes On/Off
  • Rate of Fire (with Eyes On or OFF)
  • Dwell Time
  • Trigger Pull De-bounce
  • Trigger Release De-bounce
  • Ball In Place Time
  • Anti-Bolt Stick Wait Time
  • Anti-Bolt Stick Dwell Time
  • Ramp Shot Start Quantity
  • Ramp Trigger Pull Sustain Quantity
  • Ramp Reset Time
  • Game Timer Audio Alarm
  • Forced Shot
  • Dwell Lock
  • Screen Brightness
  • Screen Dim Control
  • Auto Shutoff Time
  • Joystick Sounds On/Off
  • System Sounds On/Off
  • Training Mode