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Freak XL Barrel Kit - Freak 16" - Autococker / AC

This Kit Includes:

  • Freak XL 16" Front V2 - Dust Black
  • Freak XL Autococker Back V2 - Polished Black
  • 8pc Freak XL Boremaster Kit - Aluminum
  • Freak XL Barrel Case V2

The original Freak system quickly grew into the most widely used and highly respected interchangeable bore barrel ever made. Through years of tournament proven performance it has been the benchmark of consistency, accuracy and flexibility.

The new Freak XL builds on that legacy, combining user feedback with extensive research to deliver the next evolutionary step in the Freak system with a longer control bore.

In a controlled test environment, paintballs fired through the Freak XL exhibited an average velocity increase of 6 feet per second compared to those fired with the same dwell timing and pressure through an original Freak with the same bore diameter and porting. This efficiency improvement allows the same velocity to be reached with a lower pressure burst of air, resulting in reduced recoil, reduced sound signature and reduced air impact on the paintball simply by moving up to the Freak XL system.

XL BACKS - Freak XL backs are the foundation for each barrel. Available in a polished or dust finish with GoG/Ion/Luxe or Autococker thread patterns.

XL FRONTS - The new Freak XL and All-American XL tips offer unique porting, styling options, and lengths to fit individual player preferences. 

XL INSERTS - The Freak XL inserts offer a full 8-inch control bore which is expertly honed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy and available in a complete range of bore sizes: .679, .682, .684, .687, .689, .691, .693, and .695. Like the original Freak , Freak XL inserts are color-coded with a durable low-friction hard anodized finish and laser engraved for quick identification.