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Exalt Paintball Microfiber Goggle Cloth - Small

This dual-sided microfiber is designed for individuals that want a no-hassle, easy cleaning process on the field or at home. This perfectly sized microfiber has high-pile woven microfiber on one side for bulk absorbency of paint, oil, or water and tightly woven microfiber for polishing off smudges on high-luster surfaces.

  • This Dual Sided Microfiber works wonders on a dirty lens.
  • 12.5" x 7" size gives you plenty of cleaning surface while being small enough to fold into your pocket.
  • The green side is a plush pile microfiber great for the first wipes to remove mass amounts off paint of a lens.
  • Graphic side is a smooth weave microfiber perfect to polish a lens and remove any streaks or oil residue from paint.
  • Woven tag for carabiner or attachment / hanging.