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Made from the same tough proprietary elastomer as the rest of our regulator grips and rubber goods, the A5 Grip Skin is the ultimate grip enhancement for the Tippmann A5, X7, Phenom, Phenom X7, and selector-switch E-Grip owners. After removing your ASA, this grip will slip over your existing grip frame increasing its stability, leaving it resistant to slipping.

- Robust rubber elastomer construction clamps over grip to form a rock-solid gripping surface for all playing environments
- Roll-up the grip to change the battery in seconds
- Designed especially for the A5 / X7 / Phenom / X7 Phenom / Selector Switch EGrip model-proprietary fit makes for an exact mold around the grip without awkward bulges or sagging / twisting
- Does not fit finger-grooved (first generation) frames
- Ergonomic, textured non-slip rubber grip enhances grip stability and comfort during long games or in wet playing environments