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Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker

Custom anodizing done by FX Anodizing. FX is a master at bringing the Fearless vision to life through the amazing hand anodized art they apply to marker. These markers are under factory warrantee through Fearless. Each marker is hand anodized and there may be slight variances from marker to marker. If marker is available to add to cart it is ready to ship with no wait. Save by buying a Fearless custom AXE 2.0, this ano would typically cost $200 + assembly/disassembly + original marker costs + shipping. ($900 +/-)

Empire Paintball now offers the next generation of the impressive Axe marker.  This new Axe features improved accuracy, lighter weight, a remodeled foregrip and increased resistance to weather.  The two-piece Driver XX barrel will provide increased accuracy and accepts Pipe barrel backs to get the perfect ball-to-barrel match.  The new marker weighs 10% less by remodeling the foregrip and changing the feedneck.  The main and fore-grip now feature a micro-texture that increases hand grip even when getting splattered by paint.  The newly designed connections between the body and foregrip, plus the change in foregrip material make this the most weatherproof Axe yet.  When Empire designed the original Axe, we hit a home run and now with these more refinements, it’s a grand slam.


  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for proven, reliable performance
  • Externally serviceable, break-beam anti-chop laser eyes
  • Shockwave board offers multiple adjustable firing modes (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto)
  • Relay™ venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever
  • Wrap-around foregrip with micro-texture for non-slip protection from the elements
  • Foregrip accepts the aftermarket drop-in OLED Redline™ board
  • Push button bolt removal system for tool-less engine maintenance
  • Lightweight and accurate Driver XX two-piece barrel
  • Superior velocity consistency for shot-on-shot accuracy
  • Low pressure operation is gentle on fragile paint
  • 10% Weight savings over the previous generation Axe