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The DYE DAM Ironmen Bolt gets an update! Now includes the GBD Kit factory installed.

With the better part of a century of combined experience, the Tactical Ironmen are the most experienced and accomplished team in scenario paintball. This experience, focused through DYE R&D, has created the latest in DAM technology: The Tactical Ironmen bolt kit is hand polished and re-engineered to ensure pro level performance. Air flow has been improved throughout the bolt system for the lowest operating pressure and the highest performance. Performance driven machining on the Can, Manifold, and Bolt allow the DAM to run smoother and more efficiently. The mirror like finish allows for a lower pressure, which renders less kick. The Tactical Ironmen bolt also helps prevent bolt stick, which improves shot to shot consistency. Compatible all Dye DAM markers.

GBD Tip Kit allows for better feeding of First Strike Rounds eliminating the dreaded round flip upon loading. Now included with the Ironmen Bolt for the DYE DAM.