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Dye DAM Box Rotor Electronic Paintball Loader - Black

The Dye Box Rotor™ is the latest innovation in paintball loader technology fusing vertical magazine feed with tournament quality rates and reliability. Starting from the number one choice in loader technology among top level player’s worldwide, the Box Rotor™ is built with all of the same simplicity and durability of the Rotor™ and adds game changing new features specially crafted for the ultimate scenario paintball gun, the Dye Assault Matrix™. The Box Rotor™ and the DAM™ combine to make the ideal platform for any field. The Box Rotor™ features a positive push button with a bright LED display informing you of when your hopper is powered on or off. With no extra attachments or modifications the Box Rotor™ allows quick changes to magazine feed for the extra range needed for critical eliminations.

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery - Charge up your Box Rotor and let it rip. The included Li-Po battery allows you to get an impressive 7 ½ cases of paint before needing to re-charge. Saving you time and money!

Wireless Connectivity (circuit board included) - The wireless connectivity on the Box Rotor allows integration between gun and Box Rotor to be seamless. Constantly communicating to give you the most consistent feed rate possible.

Auto shut-off Adjustment - Leave your gun on? No problem, we have added the ability to change your auto-shutoff timer on your DAM between 15-30-60 minutes. (Confirm this with LARMER and Marty).

Charging adapter included - USB cable and charging adapter included making charging on the go a breeze.

V3 Updated anti Jam Center arm - The Box Rotor center arm boasts the latest advancements in anti jam technology. The memory polymer arm kicks misshaped balls out of the feed tray and eliminates those pesky misshaped balls that cause force fed hoppers to jam.

Vertical Feed - The Box Rotor™ is the fastest and most reliable vertical feed loader ever created. Combining tournament quality feed rates with a magazine feed gives the operator the upper hand against traditional loaders. The under gun feed lowers visible profile without compromising capacity or speed. Utilizing the standard DAM™ magazine well, operators can quickly and easily switch back to standard magazines for extra range.

High Capacity - The under gun feeding gives the Box Rotor™ the highest stock capacity of any loader system. The large capacity stays tight behind cover, giving the operator ammo and profile advantage over any other platform today.

Tuff Molding - The Box Rotor™ is constructed with Dye’s proprietary Tuff Molding. Using the same process and quality as the Rotor’s Tuff Molding, the Box Rotor™ will withstand anything an operator can throw at it. Coupled with a water resistant coated board makes this hopper fully functional even underwater. Nothing you’ll encounter on a paintball field could penetrate our Tuff Molding and cause your loader to break.

Toolless Maintenance - Tool-less maintenance makes assembly and disassembly a rapid, highly intuitive, and effortless process. A simple slide of the locking tab and push of a button enables the breakdown of the loader for basic cleaning and maintenance.

Ammo Retention - Wasting ammo during a mission is not an option. The Box Rotor™ keeps paint in the gun and the loader, not on the ground. The retention clip at the exit of the feed neck ensures minimal ammo loss when switching from magazine feed and back, even when the Box Rotor™ is activated.

Rapid Reload - Rapid Reload makes reloading a quick and easy process. The Box Rotor™ has two transparent locking lids which allows for fast, ambidextrous loading and secure closure. The Box Rotor™ has a 325-ball capacity, 60% more than most competing loaders.

Jam Release Trigger - A simple squeeze of the Anti-Jam Trigger, located on the underside of the Box Rotor™, releases the jammed paint immediately.

Black Ops - No one wants to give his or her position away during night play. This unique feature enables you to turn the indicator LED off during those night or low light games.

Adjustable Torque - The Box Rotor™ allows you to fine tune your torque setting manually with an allen wrench allowing you to feed extremely brittle paint at high feed rates.

Constant Feed - The Constant Feed Rate feature ensures a feed rate that far exceeds pro level requirements. Rapid/Constant Feed is made possible by the combination of the Box Rotor™ Loader’s constant feed rotor carousel, and the opposing rotation of the center rotor arm. The result is a smooth, consistent, rapid, and dependable feed performance.